Our team is led by two highly technical PhD graduates with backgrounds in molecular biology. They have a shared passion for cutting edge biotechnology and solving environmental issues. Seafuture has the skills and the drive to develop this high impact technology.




Darren is a molecular biologist that walks the line between his highly focused technical skill-set and a passion for applying it for the greater good.

Darren holds a PhD in Molecular micro-biology from the University of Calgary. As an undergrad, Darren also pursued economics which gave him a unique perspective on the business of biotechnology. 

Applying his vision and distinct skill-set to Seafuture–as well as the cultured meat industry as a whole–is a deliberate move to make a real and lasting impact on cellular agriculture in Canada.



Mike has a keen interest and experience in utilizing new biotechnologies for sustainable commercial and industrial applications both in the energy and agriculture industries. 

As a molecular biology Ph.D from the University of Calgary,  and co-founder of Seafuture, Mike applies his training and aptitude for adapting current and emerging technologies for new uses outside of academic research.

Mike is passionate about continuing to move the cultured meat industry forward through leading edge research and development, ultimately bringing this new product to market with economical and environmental viability.


sustainable seafood

Seafuture is a beacon of modern seafood agriculture. Developing gourmet quality sustainable seafood to meet global appetite, all the while diverting the demand from strained wild and farmed stocks.